How Much Does a Tattoo Hurt?


The pain felt with a tattoo depends on your pain threshold and where on your body you have the tattoo done.
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How much does a tattoo hurt? It all depends upon who you ask, what kind of tattoo you're getting and where you plan to have it placed. Most importantly, it depends on your pain threshold
It's a small needle excreting ink behind it. So it is like having many injections. The most painful thing about an injection is where it puncture the surface of the skin and a tattoo
Muscular parts of the body are generally less painful. Choose the location for your tattoo carefully. To minimize pain during the tattooing process, select a part of your body that
Elbow (both inside and on the bone) is quite tough, but rest of the arm is fine, except maybe inner top-arm if that part needs to be tattooed for long. Embed Quote
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Anyone who tries to tell you that a tattoo doesn't hurt is feeding you a line, or trying to get you to purchase or have one done. Any reputable tattoo artist will be straight with you in regard to the fact that this does hurt. They are going to place needles under your skin, will hurt. Now all that said, how much it hurts depends greatly on what area of the body you have your tattoo done. It also varies based on your own pain tolerance, for some the constant vibrations are just as irritating as the sticks. My suggestion is that you commit to a very small tattoo in a less sensitive area to find out how well you tolerate it.
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