How Much Do Taxis Charge Per Mile?


Taxi fare charges per mile differ from city to city. Large cities charge a flat meter rate of $2.25-$2.85 plus an additional $1.80-$3.60 for every mile traveled. There can be a $1.00 fee for the first passenger and $0.50 for each additional passenger. The taxi company might also charge $0.20-$0.50 for every 36 seconds that pass or $0.25 for every red light.
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Rates per mile for taxis range from $2 to $0.35 per 1/7 of a
For the UK. £ starting rate. fixed distance. waiting time. £2.40 176yds 27secs. ( Customer pays £2.40, they can travel 176yds or wait for 27 seconds)10 176yds 27secs
Why don't you call a taxi service and ask? Where I live (Phoenix) it's $5 for the first mile and $2 for each additional mile.
Current charge per mile information can be reached by contacting ABC Taxi Cab Service in Walker at (225) 667-3600. Mileage rates vary and are not published.
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Taxi's charge based on the area or city they are working in. Most small places charge $2.00 per mile. Plus they charge 40 cents per minute while they wait for ...
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Most taxis charge from £1.40, and rises by 20p with every 219 meters travelled. Evening rates are normally more expensive, with a 60p surcharge kicking ...
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