How Much Per Mile Does It Cost for a Taxi?


Using the taxi fare calculator, one can be able to view the charge from one destination to another and also specify the time. Black cabs charge 2.50 before getting in the taxi then charge per mile. The private hire just charge per mile; for example in Birmingham 10 miles will cost about £15/20. These charges however vary and keep changing therefore they may not be static and permanent.
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It varies from country to country.
The initial fare is $2.50 and it's $2 per mile in NYC.
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for what city? some City they have a zone. some cities they go by the mile. some cities have a flat rate. and sometimes it depends on the taxi company in the same city. like i know
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Taxi fare charges per mile differ from city to city. Large cities charge a flat meter rate of $2.25-$2.85 plus an additional $1.80-$3.60 for every mile traveled. ...
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