How Much Does a Tiger Weigh?


It depends on the species of tiger but on average a full grown tiger can weigh up to 660 pounds and is about 11 feet in length. The different species of the tiger are the Bengal, the Siberian, the Indochinese, the Malayan, the Sumatran and the South China tiger. You can find more information here:
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the Siberian tiger.
The males may reach lengths of 10 feet, and weigh 500 pounds. Females, average 8-9
Hi Frogua, Here are the stats, Siberian tiger- Anywhere between 180-306 kg, an exceptional male weighed 350 kg. Females weigh between 127 to 180 kg. Bengal tiger- Anywhere between
A tiger! The average black bear weighs 125 to 500 pounds. A tiger can weigh up to 671 pounds! Wow!
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How much a tiger weighs will depend on which species of tiger. For instance a Bengal tiger can weigh up to 487 pounds. A Siberian tiger can weigh up to 500 pounds ...
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