How Much does a Tire Rotation Cost?


The cost of tire rotation varies depending on the size of the tires as well as the type of car. Some auto shops charge nothing if for tire rotation if you are getting other things done to your car.
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This varies greatly from shop to shop and your location, so you will have to call around to get an exact quote. Depending on where you bought your tires, there may be no charge at all to rotate and/or balance them, if you take it back to that shop. Department stores, such as Wal-Mart, that have a tire and lube shop, are usually very reasonable, and last I checked, Wal-Mart charges $1.50 a tire or $6.00 for all four. They also offer a lifetime rotation and balance plan for $30.00, where they will rotate and balance your tires as often as you need it for the lifetime of your tires.
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To rotate your tires you should move your rear tires to the front several times during their life cycle. This is quite easy to do and all you have to do is jack the vehicle up, remove
In my area a tire rotation and balance runs around $40.
Tires are never perfectly aligned or evenly worn. Front tires will usually be more worn than the back, but your rear tires will wear faster when the car is in rear-wheel drive. Swapping
Rotation costs $20 to $30, but should be included with balancing.
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Exactly how much a tire rotation costs will depend on the tire shop you go to and your general location. Some tire shops charge per tire, with the charge averaging ...
A tire rotation is fairly inexpensive, between $20.00 to $25.00 depending on where you take it. You can get a tire rotation done at different tire stores, shops ...
It won't have to cost you anything by time and patience to get your tires rotated. All you need is a jack and socket. You move the front right tire to back ...
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