How much does a toilet weigh?


Most household appliances and fixtures are pretty similar in size and weight. There are some that can be found available in some very different dimensions, but usually you will find most follow a similar plan. This is no different when it comes to toilets. Most standard toilets will weigh anywhere between fifty and one hundred pounds. Luckily, most standard toilets can support up to approximately four hundred pounds.
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Answer This would depend on what brand of toilet paper it was.
So far there's been no research on that topic. So I'm thinking
Not alot really. I have moved one before and the only reason you would need to people to carry it is because our the awkwardness of its shape. Althought if it is still in a box it
The weight of the unit varies between 160 lbs to 330 lbs, depending on the type of unit.
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A basic standard toilet weighs about 50 pounds. The toilet lid on the back of the tank weighs about 8 to 10 pounds. Keep in mind there are a variety of toilets and weights do vary.
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