How much does a ton of gravel cost?


As with many construction materials, the price for gravel varies with quality and location, but an overall average as of March 2014 is approximately $50 per ton. Rugged gravel, which goes through less finishing, costs closer to $30 per ton, but the edges are sharp, which makes it less attractive as a ground cover option. Pebble-type gravel costs closer to $90 per ton.

If you want to use gravel as a type of landscaping decor, take a look at blending mixes in different colors. Mixes are available that blend different colors to produce various looks, such as a Southwestern blend that mixes yellow and red colors. To find the best prices in your area, comparison shopping is vital.

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Between $17 and $23 dollars per ton depending on the state that you live
1. Measure the length and width of the area the gravel will be poured in or removed from. 2. Convert the length to yards, if you used a different unit of measure, by dividing by 3
i live in south Carolina there are 2 rock quarry's within 10 miles one is 23 dollars a ton and the other is a government quarry and they sell it for 6 dollars a ton. when you make
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