How Much Does a Tour of the White House Cost?


It does not cost anything to tour the White House because this is a free tour. You must submit a request to tour the White House through a member of Congress.
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1. Contact one of your Congressman to put in the tour request. The request must be submitted no less than 21 days before the tour date and no more than six months before the date.
it depends.if u wanna see the crazy type of white house,it's free. if u wanna see the president,your entire life savings.but lets be honest,who wants to see another stuck up idiot.
1. Dress appropriately. That means nothing like bathing suits, flip flops, graphic T-shirts, etc. After all, you are touring a historic mansion (and you never know if the president
All White House tours are free of charge. For the most current tour information, please call
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