How Much Does a Toyota Camry Weigh?


A popular four-door sedan, the Toyota Camry is available in a wide variety of colors, and has been in production since 1982. When it first came out, it was considered a narrow body compact car. Toyota widened the frame and it went into the wide-body mid-size classification in 1991. The Toyota Camry weighs 2,700?2,850 lb (1,240?1,295 kg). The Camry is popular in the United States, Australia, and some Asian markets. It has not been very popular in Europe.
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To fix your Toyato Camry you should get a repair manual. Most auto parts stores will have these.
1. Open the hood and remove plastic engine cover with an 10mm socket. Remove spark plug wires by pulling in an upward motion.If its a newer model Camry, you may have a coil-on-plug
The weight of a 2008 Toyota Camry is 3307 pounds. Thanks for doing the ChaCha!
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