How Much Does a Toyota Corolla Weigh?


The Toyota Corolla is a subcompact as well as a compact car. It is a popular make of car and was first manufactured in the year 1966. It is one of the best selling types of small car. As of 2012, more than 39 million Toyota Corollas have been sold. Since its inception, it has made some changes to the body, making it sleeker and softer. A 2012 Toyota Corolla weighs 2,866 pounds or 1300 kg.
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2,315 lbs with no passengers or load, not even gas. It has a weight limit of 3,505lbs. 13.2 gallons of gas, a full tank is about 80lbs.
1. Make sure the vehicle you are towing the Corolla with can handle the load. The 2009 Toyota Corolla has a curb weight of around 2800 pounds. As a general rule, trucks and SUVs perform
The E100, the seventh generation model of the Toyota Corolla, that was the
1. Ensure that the vehicle is either at operating temperature or cold. To reach operating temperature, you need to drive the car for approximately 20 minutes at highway speed. To
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