How Much Does a Tuba Weigh?


A tuba weighs approximately 20 to 25 pounds, is a low pitched large brass instrument that includes the category of baritone, euphonium and sousaphone. Richard Wagner who was a German composer made the first tuba. It is also largely used as a supporting instrument where it has mainly been used in parodying 'Tubby the Tuba' which is a children's story. ¬_25 pounds. It is a low pitched large brass instrument. Richard Wagner who was a German composer made the first tuba.
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Heh, nothing you shouldnt be able to handle. I used to play a tuba for 3 years, and in those years, i've played with probably 5 different weights. My first tuba, i called a baby tuba
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Tubas vary in weight depending on their size. Tubas can weigh in between 10 pounds all the way up to 32pounds. If you are factoring the cases they go in it could weigh 50 pounds.
The average tuba weighs 25-30 pounds. A sousaphone, a tuba used in a marching band, has about the same weight. The difference is the sousaphone is constructed more upright and the weight rests on the player easier, which makes it easier to march with.
A quality tuba typically weighs between 75 to 250 pounds sometimes this can be even more depending on the size of the tube up. This is typically why tuba players play sitting down.
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