How much does a turkey weigh?


A male wild turkey weighs between 16 and 24 pounds when fully grown, while an adult female wild turkey weighs 8 to 10 pounds. Raised on farms for human consumption, domestic turkeys range in size from 5 pounds to more than 40 pounds.

On average, domestic turkeys weigh twice as much as their wild counterparts. In fact, they are so heavy that they usually cannot fly. Within 18 weeks after hatching, a male domestic turkey can attain a weight of 30 pounds. The largest wild turkey on record weighed in at 37 pounds, while the heaviest turkey ever raised weighed 86 pounds.

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they weigh 48 lb.
An adult wild turkey can weigh as much as 16 pounds (7.3 kilograms) Each one weighs
Here's the equation: multiply the specific gravity of the turkey by 8.33* then multiply this result by the number of gallons, to obtain the weight in pounds.
Well lets see .... My boss who is gonna make me work until 3PM on Thanksgiving Day .... although he didn't have to .... is a BIG Turkey and he weighs about 267 pounds...... his drumsticks
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