How much does a turtle weigh?


Different species of turtles have different weights. While a green sea turtle weighs up to 700 pounds, a speckled tortoise weighs less than 1 pound. Weight also depends on the turtle's age and sex.

Newborn turtles often have so little mass that they barely register on a scale, and female turtles are often heavier than male turtles due to their larger size.

A simple box turtle found in suburban backyards typically weighs between 1 pound and 2 pounds. The common snapping turtle weighs between 9 pounds and 35 pounds, depending on its age, sex and size. One of the widest turtle weight ranges is seen in the leatherback sea turtle, which weighs less than 1 pound at birth and up to 700 pounds at full maturity.

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It depends on the turtle, little baby turtles can way as much as a book but the world largest turtles can way up to as much as you. burn
The leatherback turtle can weigh up to 1,800 pounds, while the speckled Cape tortoise
A tortoise like duh.
A turtle lives most of it's life in water & has webbed feet. A tortoise spends most of life on land.
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