How Much Does a Two Horse Trailer Weigh?


A two-horse trailer weighs about 2,400 pounds, including the mats. It does not include horses, saddles, hay or anything else. The actual loaded weight of a two-horse trailer could be as high as 7,000 pounds.
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It depends on the sixe of the trailer and the size of the horses.
1. Check the axles and frame of the trailer. If you find rust that has eaten through the metal, it will probably cost you more to refurbish the trailer than to buy a used trailer
When figuring trailer weight amounts, I figure 1000lbs per horse. I have a 2 horse steel, stock trailer and that is about 3500-4000lbs. You should be ok. Really the suggested pulling
The typical 2-horse trailer, without dressing room, will weigh around 2,600 lbs.
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