How Much Does a UFC Fighter Make Per Year?


The amount that a UFC fighter can make per year depends on the success of the fighter in the ring, among other factors. The top-earning UFC fighter for 2012 (Jon Jones) made $865,000, though this is not typical for the average UFC fighter. More salary information can be found online at MMA Manifesto.
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There are alot things that you need to do before you can join the ufc. You will have to work hard and stay focused on what you want. You will have to train because it take alot of
1. Get experience. Before the UFC will even consider taking you in as a legitimate fighter, you need experience, and lots of it. Start learning basic skills such as wrestling and
Answer I know that the highest payed fighter is Chuck Liddell and he makes $500,000 per fight and the lowest paid one makes $3,000 per fight but I don't remember his name. So the
The average pay per fight for a fighter in the UFC is
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