How much does a UPS driver earn?

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Salary Profile for Ups driver
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $32,000 $58,000 $23,000
National $24,000 $44,000 $18,000
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I am a UPS driver and i make about 80,000 a year gross. this includes the overtime i work. Yeah, My dad works at UPS as a driver and makes about $73,000.00 with a little bit of over
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Depending on area, base would be $70.000 per year after 3 year progression at the lowest.
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Salary ranges for UPS drivers vary depending on geographical areas. The work of a UPS driver entails driving trucks and delivering packages. UPS drivers go through a training program. Drivers must pass a series of written exams and driving tests.

UPS drivers also are unionized. In addition to high pay, UPS drivers also get attractive perks. UPS provides its workers with benefits that include compensation plans, health benefits, tuition assistance plans and discounted stock purchase plans.

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