How Much Does a Veterinarian Make Per Year?

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Salary Profile for Veterinarian
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $95,000 $108,000 $41,000
National $73,000 $83,000 $31,000
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In the United States in 2011 the average annual salary for veterinarians was ~US$90,000.
I'm sorry, there are no specific divorce rates for veterinarians
Salaries for veterinarians range from less than $43,000 to over $133,000 a yr. It depends what state you live in, & whether you work on large or small animals.
It is impossible to answer this question. Wages for veterinarians, or any other career, vary a great deal from place to place. This depends on economy, experience, need, etc. I can
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As of 2011, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics states the mean annual wage a veterinarian makes per year is $91,250. This number can vary depending on many factors including self employment, geographical area, and hours worked. Veterinarians may work in different domains as well, including farm animals, race horses, pets, laboratories, and zoo animals.
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