How Much does a Washer Weigh?


The weight of a washing machine will vary by brand and the amount of clothing or water within it. A Staber machine weighs roughly 175 pounds completely empty.
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Washers come in a variety of sizes and materials. A simple average washer made from metal won't even weigh a full gram. But huge washers can weigh a few pounds.
A washer can weigh as little as a couple of grams while a washing machine can weigh around 200 lbs. It can weigh much more if you fill it with water and wet clothing, though!
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Sears site under specifications list the washer @175lbs and dryer @ 135lbs.
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Washer is around 150lbs. at most. The dryer is about 50lbs. at most. At most the pair is 200lbs. On average,for this combo, 150lbs. is common. If you are moving this pair alone-be
Call Sears.
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