How Much does a Weave Cost?


How much does a weave cost depends on the supplier. There are many different types of weaves that vary in cost. A weave can cost as low as $50-$5000.
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It depends on how thick your hair is.
Human hair weaves add length to your hair and vary in price. Human hair weaves do not have to be expensive. As of August 2010, Hair Sisters offers human hair weaves ranging in cost
Depends on the type however the average retail cost of the Brazilian Hair Weave for
If you don't mind the cost, purchase virgin hair. You will need 3 bundles and it will range from 200+ . It depends on what company you buy it from, and the length but it's good hair
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The cost of weave varies because there are different kinds of brands. Prices also are dependent on the length of the weave. For a 8 inch, the average price is around $10.99.
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