How Much Does a Wedding Band Cost?


To hire a Wedding Band costs approximately between £200 and £350 for a couple of hours for a soloist, between £600 and £1000 for a four-piece live band, between £700 - £1100 for a five-piece live band and £1200+ for a nine- piece live band. These prices depend on the season and are therefore not fixed.
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The cost of a wedding band depends on the material used and design. An 18ct Yellow Gold 4mm Medium D Shape Wedding Ring can go for £ 115 while a 18 ct Yellow Gold 3mm Light Court shape Wedding Ring can go for £ 110. Contact your local store
A wedding band can cost anywhere from $20.00 to several thousands. This all depends on the type of jewelry you are looking for. You can find deals in pawn shops and high end jewelry stores as well.
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Weddings can be very expensive.<br/>The average cost of a typical wedding is $20,398. This figure does not include the cost of the wedding rings or honeymoon.
Hi, I am in a band full time, and we start at $1,300. For years we would ask for tips, or. split $200 between 4 people, the bride and groom promising lots of booze and alot of free
Engrave your wedding date on the inside of your wedding bands to commemorate the day you committed your lives to one another in matrimony. You may also choose to engrave your rings
Your wedding day is a big deal, but it doesn't have to break the bank. There are many ways to have a beautiful but low-cost wedding. Date When setting the date, consider planning
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To determine the cost of a Band for a Wedding, it depends on a couple of factors. How large of a band you want, a solo or several artists, and how long you want ...
You are supposed to spend an amount that is within your wedding budget on a man's wedding band. Typically, his band will cost less than your set since you will ...
A wedding band should be within your budget, but it is typically acceptable to spend around $1,000 on a wedding band. Sometimes people only spend $500 or so. There's ...
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