How Much Does a Weekly Travelcard Cost?


The cost of a weekly travelcard is about £23.80. A travelcard has the added advantage of allowing a commuter to use an array of transport services such as tube, bus, rail, DLR and local train services. Fare evading in London attracts a huge fine of almost £1, 000 as well as a criminal record.
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The 7 Day Season Ticket or Travelcard to Woking is about £69.50 up to £77.70. Season Tickets offer better value for money compared to buying daily tickets.
A child ticket is half the price of the adult ticket; the TFL website will have all the information you need! And the rate would definitely be cheaper on an Oyster card. I don't know
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A weekly travel card may cost an adult £27.60 and £19.30 for a student who travels on zone 1 and 2. Zones 1-5 will cost an adult £47.00 and ...
Travelcard charges vary depending on zones and the duration of usage e.g. a 1 year travel card in zone 1 - 2 will cost £1104 for a year. The price of a ...
Try this:…. It would be £27.40. Not sure if they'll increase the price from Jan 2008, but if they do, it ...
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