How much does a whale shark weigh?


It depends. A Whale Shark can be over 13 tons, Tiger sharks can be around 1500 pounds, but the Spined Pygmy Shark is just a few pounds.
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The Blue Whale is the largest known mammal, and can get up to 105ft long and 150 tons. The largest male killer whale on record was 32 ft and weighing over 22,000 lb, while the largest
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Weight details of Whale Sharks are barely available. The heaviest specimen ever
Hot asphalt weighs around 3,220 pounds per cubic yard. This weight can vary depending on the size/type stones you use in the asphalt mixture.
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A whale shark can be 20.6 tons on average. This shark tends to have plankton as its main meal. They are endangered, and considered the sea's largest fish. You can find more information here:
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A humpback whale, one of the large baleen whales, can be up to fifty two feet in length, and weigh up to seventy nine pounds. This huge animal lives on plankton, ...
According to Encyclopædia Britannica, a male killer whale can reach a length of more than 26 feet and weigh more than five tons. Females can reach 23 feet ...
The Megalodon shark was a type of prehistoric shark that measured 40 to 100 feet long. It was not uncommon for them to weigh as much as 100 tons each. ...
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