How much does a wii cost at gamestop?


How much a wii costs at gamestop depends on whether or not you are buying new or used. If you are looking to purchase a new wii, it will be $199.00 plus tax.
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As of 15th July 2012, the Nintendo Wii's cost at GameStop is $79.99.
You can find the Nintendo Wii sold alone as well as in numerous single bundle packages. The prices will vary depending on the package your choose as well as where you make your purchase
The used and refurbished Wii costs $149.99 at Gamestop.
Most stores should have plenty, I live in wv and the local store keeps them stocked, call your local store and ask them. They cost 250.00 on average, again depends on your area. Source
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A Wii costs about $130.00 at GameStop, if you're looking to buy a used one. You can also buy a new one for about $200.00. So you can save about $70.00, if you're ...
The Nintendo wii at gamestop will cost you $129.99. This is for a gamestop refurbished system. They also have used systems for 120 dollars. These will have ...
It wouldn't be possible to answer your question without knowing which state you are in because every state's sales tax is different. ...
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