How Much Does a Xbox 360 Cost at Wal Mart?

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A new 4GB Xbox 360 console is currently priced at $199.99, while a new 250GB console is priced at $299.99.
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The Xbox 360 Elite 120GB Console costs $249.00 (online) at Walmart. It used to cost $299.00. However it is not available at this time. Try at Bestbuy.
It currently costs $129.88 at Wal-Mart. You save 11 cents off it. Other stores at like $129.99 plus GST and PST.
Xbox 360 4GB Console with kinect cost $199.99 at Walmart.…. Xbox 360 w/ Bonus* Controller Bundle with kinect & free game COD 4
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The X-Box 360 costs 249.00 at Walmart Online, at the time of this writing, December 2012. It is called a Special Buy, most likely for Christmas giving at this time of year.
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