How much does a Yellow Pages advertisement cost?


In 2014, a typical Yellow Pages advertisement costs anywhere from $5 to $1,000 per month. The cost depends on a myriad of factors, including the size of the ad, the design of the ad, whether the Yellow Pages will create the design, and the selection of options such as mobile phone advertising, according to research conducted by Yellow Pages typically requires a one-year contract period.

Currently, the most popular advertising package with Yellow Pages is the "Business Card" package. This includes an ad with a company's basic information, logo and website information included in the book, online, and on mobile phone advertising. The cost for this package is $395/yr, according to A promo display ad runs between $495 and $795 per year. Costs for the Yellow Pages' design services typically run between $900 and $3000, ranging from the design of a quarter column to a three-page spread.

In deciding if Yellow Pages is a good investment, business people should consider Yellow Pages advertising as a lead generation tool, not a branding tool, says Ken Lewis of Forbes magazine. To discern if the advertisement is cost effective, it is necessary to track how many leads it generates, and how many of those leads convert to sales.

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