How Much Does a Zorb Ball Cost?


There are various sizes to the Zorb Balls. For a large, well made Zorb Ball that can go on water or land will run about $1300.00. For a Zorb just used in water, you can get for around $500.00. You can find more information here:
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These inflatable Zorbs are 10 feet in diameter and weigh about 200 pounds. There is an outer layer (with massive air cushions) and an inner layer. Once you settle into the inner layer
The large zorbing ball runs $1900.00. I've never seen that. It looks
Woo-hoo zorbing! I have so wanted to do this. Well, the cost of purchasing a zorb depends on the type of zorb you wish to purchase. Water zorbs can start at about $700.00. Land zorbs
Andrew Akers and Dwane van der Sluis invented the zorb ball in 1995 in Auckland, New Zealand. is the website of the inventors and has a complete timeline and
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The cost of a Zorb can start at about $700.00. Land zorbs will range from $1, 5000 to $2,300 depending on the quality of the zorb materials and construction. The ...
Zorb balls are very popular in New Zealand. You can purchase a zorb ball for about $789.00 which is the cheapest price. The highest price goes up to approximately ...
1. Find a location that offers zorbing. This may be tricky because zorbing isn't available everywhere. You can buy a Zorb yourself, but it can cost you around ...
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