How Much Does AAA Membership Cost?


AAA is an acronym for American Automobile Association. They offer road side services to assist when automobiles break down. In order to receive services from AAA, you must become a member. There are three price groups for AAA as of January 2013. Membership cost $69.00 for Basic, $114.00 for Plus and $137.00 for Premier services.
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Because each Direct Buy outlet is a franchise, membership costs vary greatly by region and store. A free 30-day trial is extended to potential customers, who are required to attend
$5.95 per month.
Best thing to do is email them directly. You will receive a price list and an information package. Membership depends on your age, where you live and if you intend to use the gym.
Walgreen's sells a two pack of AAAA batteries for $5.
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