How Much does Acai Berry Cost?


Depending on what form you purchase acai berry and where you purchase this product will vary the average cost. You can purchase acai berry juice for around three dollars at your local supermarket, like Wal-Mart.
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depends on where you live. Where I am it is 2.98 for 16 oz. Bolthouse brand at walmart. I like the kind mixed with mangosteen..yummy!
Acai berry is considered to be good as a dietary supplement, as a good on its own or a flavoring in tequila. Its leaves have other uses, including that for making items such as hats
First step is decision. Are you really ready to go through with this? If you do, then go ahead to step 2. Define a detox diet plan. Your goals. Are you doing this for your health
After the free trial I got on, they ended up costing me $39.99 a month. I love the acai berry. I am not over weight and just take it for the healthy reasons. It does seem expensive
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Acai Berry Juice is readily available in most of the supermarkets in the United Kingdom such as Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury's. This product costs about £ ...
Unfortunately, acai supplements have basically been proven to be useless. Another 'scam' product which has brought millions of dollars into the pockets of unregulated ...
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