How Much Does Aflac Cost?


Aflac will have different costs. The cost will depend on who is covered. What you want to have a pay out for. Call an Aflac agent and have them sit down with you and discuss your options.
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Ask them. By the way: I get frequent solicitations from them, probably for the exact same role you are interviewing for. Ask them what their turnover rate is for these sales positions
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Offering Aflac coverage to your employees comes with no direct cost to your company. There are indirect costs in the beginning when taking the time to update your payroll system to
Aflac has a dozen different plans...which plan, how much, what state, how old are you, does your employer offere it,
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An Aflac Insurance Agent would earn about $45,500 a year. Keep in mind that a lot of this is commision based, so the number can be higher or lower. However that ...
Aflac should be offered from employers and employees because there are no direct costs associated. This means no liability on the employer's part. There are also ...
A first year employee with Aflac can expect to earn between $40,000-$50,000. This depends on the leads and training. A person who has previous experience selling ...
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