How Much Does an Acre of Land Cost in Texas?


An example of the cost of an acre of land would be a piece of land in the north east part of Texas, in Lamar County, Texas. In that area, you can buy a sprawling farm in a rural area, where an acre of land costs $42,570. An acre of land in Brewster County, Texas in a developed part of the county costs $519,000. As you can see, the price of land in Texas has a wide variation, depending on where that land is located.
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The cost of an acre of land would depend on its location. An acre of wooded land on a steep hillside would cost much less than an acre of flat, desirable land. Check with your local
Its about $6000 per acre depending on location of the land.
A few hundred to a few million. Depends on where you are looking (even in just the Dallas area) and what the approved zoning is. Contact a Realtor in that area.
10 acres of land costs about
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