How Much Does an Air Mail Stamp Cost?


The price of an airmail stamp costs between 3.04 pounds and 5.52 pounds. The price depends on the service package you are using and the weight of the item being transported. Airmail stamps can be for service within the country or even outside the country.
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1 or 2 weeks.
I could not find pricing information on air mail
The US really doesn't have a domestic (within the US) Air Mail rate. The international basic letter rate (air mail) is 98 cents. Source(s)
A postage stamp is currently 44 cents for First-Class Mail letter effective Jan 2, 2010.
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An airmail stamp costs 98 cents and it is enough to mail a one ounce, regular size envelope internationally. Airmail stamps should not be confused with airmail ...
1st class stamps cost 0.46p for parcels that weigh up to 100g. With the stamp, one is guaranteed delivery of the mail the next working day up to a maximum weight ...
In the year, 1992, postage stamps were 29 cents to mail a 1st class envelope. That seemed so expensive then, but when you compare it to the 44 cents that it costs ...
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