How much does an aircraft carrier weigh?


Tipping the scales at a total displacement of 102,000 tons, the Nimitz class aircraft carrier is the largest warship in the United States Naval arsenal. Though it has been the backbone of the U.S. Naval fleet since WWII, the Nimitz class will shortly be followed by a new class of aircraft carrier.

Estimated by the U.S. Navy to enter service in 2015, the Gerald R. Ford class of aircraft carrier will be approximately 2,000 tons lighter than the Nimitz. Though many specifics are still not available on this new breed of warship, the hope is that it and its sister ships will remain in service for just as long as the Nimitz class.

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It will vary depending on the size and make of the aircraft carrier. The average weight is approximately two hundred thousand metric tons.
The largest supercarriers, the US Navy's Nimitz class, displace about 105,000 tons fully loaded.
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An aircraft carrier is approximately 260 meters long and weighs 40,000 tonne. It can carry a total crew of up to 600 people. This ship is solely designed to deploy ...
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