How much does an ambulance ride cost?


The Government Accountability Office provided a report to Congress in 2012 that stated ambulance rides can cost patients from $224 to $2,204. Rural pickups are generally more expensive than metropolitan ambulance rides due to the longer distance to the nearest hospital.As of 2011, Medicare's approved payments for ambulance rides ranged from $289 to $481. Experts agree that these rates don't even cover the costs of running the ambulance or paying the paramedics who staff the ambulance. Typically ambulance rates are billed by the mile and supplemented with a dispatch fee that is charged regardless of where the ambulance picks up and drops off a patient.
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Depends, did they run an IV? Did they use any equipment on you? Typically in Northern WI it costs about $450 for a basic ride to the hospital, $650 to $850 if you need a paramedic
Most medical insurance does not cover the cost of the ambulance ride,
Where I live (Ohio) it can cost anywhere from $300-500 depending on what the ambulance charges.
It depends on your health insurance, but the average is anywhere from $300 - $1500 per ride. Ask away!
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