How Much Does an ASE Certified Mechanic Salary?


ASE certified mechanic salary depends on experience, by Job and employer choice. For example if a person has at least experience of one year, they earn around $38,710 and for five years about $43,000 per year. By Job one can earn around $46,800 a year if you a service manager, professionals $41,000 and parts manager net a salary of $36,400 annually. The type of employer all determines the salary whereby for a privately owned company it is around $43,000 and for auto repair franchises about $36,327 yearly.
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"in my own opinion ,a master mechanic should be making about 35 bucks an hour to start . Mechanics in general are not payed by hourly or salary figures. They are payed based
I know ase techs that make 300 dollars a week and I know ase master certified technicians that make over 100k per year.
ASE certified mechanics make between 115 to 120, 000 a year.
The average salary for mechanic jobs in New York, NY is $44,000. Average mechanic salaries can vary due to company, location, industry, experience & benefits.
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