How much does an assistant retail store manager make?

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Salary Profile for Assistant store manager
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $76,000 $106,000 $44,000
National $58,000 $82,000 $34,000
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The assistant manager is responsible for communicating with the manager about store policies and procedures. He will make suggestions on items that could be improved or that do not
$38,000 plus health benefits and 40% employee discount.
An Assistant Sore Manager is usually responsible for all the store activities and functions when the store manager is not around. He/she will typically be responsible for the merchandising
The AT&T in Dayton, Ohio is hiring for the position
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Other compensation paid to assistant managers often includes company-sponsored health benefits and retirement planning. When considering the total cost of benefits paid on the employee's behalf, the national average cost of an assistant manager for the company is $56,375. Assistant managers typically manage the day-to-day operations of certain aspects of a business, including money drops, and they also assist the general manager with the overall management procedures at work.

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