How Much Does an Elephant Cost?


Depending upon the breed of elephant you are purchasing, an elephant will cost you $100,000 or more to purchase. It also averages around $5,000 a month to keep an elephant.
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Like any jewelry, it is all about the quality! There are some little childish pendants that will not cost a few dollars and there are some that are completely diamond encrusted and
Around 10,000 + US dollars shipping to purchase one and an additional $6,000 US per year
In India and Thailand, elephants can cost at least $10,000 US dollars. As a private individual in the USA, you cannot buy an elephant.
A cost of elephant depends on its location. Elephant is a endangered species and not normally available to be bought over the counter. Some South African ranches may sell a elephant
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The price to rent an elephant depends on where you rent from and where you are located. Typically, prices seem to range between $400 and $1000 dollars. You must ...
A white elephant is a phrase used in reference to an expensive but demanding possession of which its holder cannot dispose and whose cost is high in comparison ...
Elephant tusks can be worth a different price from piece to piece. For example, an elephant tusk that was made into ivory piano keys is worth about $115.00. A ...
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