How much does an empty soda can weigh?


Made from the most abundant metal on the planet, an empty aluminum soda can weighs approximately 14.9 grams. Though the shape and size may differ slightly by manufacturer, the standard volume is roughly 355 mL, or 12 ounces.

As of April 2014, aluminum soda cans are as much as 30 percent lighter than they were 25 years ago, as cans weighed as much as 16.55 grams in 1992. The decrease in weight is expected to continue and is attributed to advancements in technology that allow for thinner, stronger sections to be used with less metal and less energy for increased savings in production.

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It depends on the can size. Depends on what size 12oz. can? Okay, that answer was kind of stupid. Anyway, an empty and dry 12oz. Diet Coke can weighs an average of 14 grams. The four
1. Weigh the empty aluminum soda can using a scale. Record the mass of the can in grams (g) If the scale is calibrated in ounces (oz) convert the ounces to grams by multiplying by
An empty aluminum can weighs approximately 13.6 grams. It takes 28
Approximately .5 oz.
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