How Much Does an Esthetician Make Per Year?


An esthetician is a professional skin care you will likely find working in a salon or day spa. They do have to go to school and they are licensed professionals. They perform skin treatments on the epidermis layer of the skin. Their skills may include waxing, threading, facial massage, exfoliation, eyelash extensions, and microdermabrasion. Estheticians can make anywhere from 11,000 to 58,000 a year. This range depends upon your education, years of experience, location, and employer size. Estheticians with 1 to 4 years experience seem to be in the most demand since they have some practice with real clients but are still new enough to be educated on the latest techniques.
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The mean annual salary for an esthetician was $34,000 as of December 2010, according to Indeed. The national median wage for this position is $28,580 per year or $13.74 per hour,
a starting wage for an Esthetician instructor with no prior training and 3-4 years minimum experience in the field of esthetics would make about $17,000 a year. and with 3+ more experience
Estheticians, on average, make anywhere from $12,920 to
a WHAT? oh! now i know what oyu're talking about! haha at least a dollar a day =)
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