How Much Does an Industrial Ear Piercing Cost?


Industrial ear piercing is when there are two pierced holes of the upper cartilage is connect with single piece of jewelery. The price varies depending on where you choose to go to have it pierced, but on average can cost between $60 - $75. Industrial piercing is more expensive that traditional ear piercing piece of the hardware used.
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At most places, the piercing is free, you have to pay for the earrings though. At claire's where I got mine done it is about $25-50.
Industry is notorious for it's inefficiencies and bad workmanship. And overcharging. So: About £500 And about three months. And then you will need to have it inspected and failed
Cubic Zirconia Star, sterling silver industrial piercing
Body Piercing Guidelines or "I want a piercing, now what" All Body Piercing studios. are regulated and work under regional and local health and city licensing regulations.
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