How Much does An iPod Mini Cost?


The iPod Mini can cost anywhere from around $100 to $200 for a new one. Used iPod Minis are much cheaper, but you should always be careful when buying used electronics.
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The first Mini was about $1,000. A 2009 Mini costs about $30,000.
Apple no longer makes the 2nd generation iPod Mini. You would have to purchase one
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Do you mean an iPod shuffle, they run around $49.00 for 2GB. The iPod Nano runs around $149 for 8GB or $179 for 16GB. Sometimes you can find them a little cheaper on sale at Walmart.
Apple has discontinued the iPod mini, you can't find them in stores anymore. They were replaced by the nano, they run $150 for 8GB and $180 for 16GB. You can also get a shuffle for $50.00.
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