How Much Does an Irish Passport Cost?


From 11 April 2011 the fees when applying for an Irish passport using the Express Service or through and Embassy or Consulate is as follows: Standard adult 32-page, 10-year passport - €80 (£69); standard adult 66-page 10-year passport €110 (£94); child 5-year passport aged 3-17 €26.50 (£23); child 3-year passport aged 3 and under €16 (£14).
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The cost of acquiring an Irish passport for an adult, 16 years and over is ?77.50. For renewal, replacement or amending, the cost is ?77.50. For children under 16, the first child passport costs ?49.00, while for renewal, replacement or extension of validity will cost you ?49.00.
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The cost of the passport will depend on if you have a passport already. Anyone 16 and over can receive a passport for the first time for $100.00 for the passport book.
1. Visit the Dublin Passport Office, or Ireland's nearest embassy or consulate. From here you will pick up the renewal application form and specific instructions with regards to fees
Pounds because it is the correct money.
OK so I only know this because I just read one of your other questions where you said your Dad was from NI and you have Irish grandparents. Your father being born on the Island gives
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An Irish passport is issued by the Irish Government through the Passport Office in Ireland. Irish passports are also issued through Irish embassies and consulates ...
Currently, passports cost $97.00 for adults and $82.00 for children 16 and under. You will need an up to date photo or you can have one taken for an additional ...
The price of passports can vary greatly depending upon which country is issuing the passport. For example, in UK the adult passports cost £77.50 and child ...
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