How Much does An Occupational Therapist Get Paid?


An occupational therapist gets paid from $42,000, to $91,000 a year, depending on their educational background, and previous work experience. It also varies based on where the job is located. The average pay is $65,000 a year.
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Salary Profile for Occupational therapist
Average High Low
Ashburn, VA 20147 $103,000 $120,000 $89,000
National $81,000 $94,000 $70,000
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Become an occupational therapist by taking classes in psychology and anatomy in high school. Go on to college, continuing to study human development and physics. Once you earn a bachelor's
experienced OT- up to £40, 000 up to £55, 000 that's how much they earn.
1 Check with your doctors, nurses and other hospital staff for their recommendations if an occupational therapist is not already a part of your healthcare team there. 2 Ask other
The average income for occupational therapist varies but starts at
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On average, occupational therapists make anywhere from 60 to 85 thousand a year. The median salary is around 72 thousand a year. Occupational therapists are ...
The beginning salary for an occupational therapy is around sixty thousand dollars a year. It is possible, after some experience, to make up to ninety thousand ...
How much an occupational therapist makes in a year depends on their years of experience, as well as their employer. An occupational therapist helps those recovering ...
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