How Much Does an Oldsmobile Cutlass Weigh?


The Cutlass is an automobile made by the Oldsmobile division of general motors. The Cutlass was introduced in introduced in 1961 as the top trim level in Old compact F-85 line. The curb weight for the Cutlass automobile is 4,500.
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anywhere from 3500 to 4500 pounds depending on the model and year.
The curb weight of the 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass was around 2800 lbs and
1. Open the hood and locate the plastic access panel above the rear of the headlight. Lift the panel up to access the wiring harness connector and bulb in the rear of the headlight
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The weight of a '68 Oldsmobile Cutlass would depend on what kind of ...
They are worth anywhere from $15,300 to $34,500 depending on . ...
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