How Much Does an Underwater Photographer Make?


Underwater photography is a fun and adventurous job. You require high photography skills along with excellent swimming skills. Underwater Photographers do not make much money, unless they work for major production companies like Discovery. The pay will be from $20-50 an hour depending upon skill.
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1. Find a swimming pool or a clear lake. If you intend on using natural light, make sure your location is well lit. Note the time of the day that your location is best lit. 2. Have
1. Buy a camera or housing. You have two options: either to buy an underwater camera, or a housing for a camera you already own. If you choose to buy an underwater camera, it will
Underwater Photographer underwater photographer is someone who takes pictures of the marine life underwater and around the waters edge.
Photographers make around $62,996 a yrear Cha cha 24/7!
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Underwater photography is a type of photography done by taking pictures with a water-proof camera underwater, usually done by scuba divers or swimmers. Special ...
There are many benefits to being an underwater photographer. One gets to be creative and meet new people. A photographer may also get the chance to travel to exotic ...
The salary range of a professional underwater photographer is $35,000 to $60,000 in a year. Their salary can be higher or lower depending on location, company ...
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