How Much Does an Upright Piano Weigh?


Pianos weigh differently subject to size and material used to make them. On average however, a small upright of 112 cm weighs approximately 180 kilos while a large upright one of 131 cm weighs approximately 215 kilos.
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An old upright piano weighs between 300 and 500 pounds.
1. Remove any parts of the piano possible. (For example, sometimes hinges hold the top that only need to be unscrewed. Refinish these pieces in the same manner as the rest of the
An average upright piano weighs about 550 pounds.
1. Put the lid down over the piano keys and lock it into place to reduce the possibility of damage to the keyboard during travel. Ad. 2. Lift the piano straight up, utilizing at least
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A grand pianos weighs about five hundred to a thousand pounds though a concert grand piano may weigh as much as thirteen hundred pounds. There are also many sizes ...
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