How Much Does Bacon Cost?


Bacon is one of the normal foods cooked at breakfast with eggs and toast. The cost of bacon varies throughout the United States, however the average cost is $5.
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It is difficult to give an exact answer to the question how much does bacon cost. There are different cuts of bacon and price will vary depending on the cut. Where you buy the bacon will also impact the cost. Bacon can be found for around $3.00 for regular cut packages as of December 2012.
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How much a package of bacon costs depends on where you live and shop. As of December 2012 you may find bacon for $3.00 at one store and $4.50 at another. You can ...
As of December 2012, a pound of bacon can cost between 3 to 10 dollars. The cost is based on the brand. ...
McDonald's breakfast will cost you around £1.99. On the breakfast menu you can choose from a bacon egg or sausage and egg McMuffin, bacon roll, pancakes ...
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