How much does Bill Gates donate to charity?


The total amount of money Bill Gates donated to charity was never mentioned. Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, Washington. As of January 2013, he is living in Medina, Washington.
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On 6/24/08, Bill Gates ended his tenure as
Bill Gates is still the number one richest person in the US making about $40 billion as at March 2009. A year ago, he was worth $58 million which is $2 million over 2007. Look here
Bill and Melinda Gates donation, so far he donated More than 10billion dollars.
Hey there. I am only recalling from memory, so please don't quote me... Bill Gates and his wife started a foundation with the mission to cure 10 diseases in his lifetime. Warren Buffet
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Bill Gates make about $45 billion a year, so about $4 billion a month. This equals $300 a second! The gates family donates a lot of their money to charities. ...
Bill Gates earns an estimated amount of $7.8 billion, or 4.8 billion GBP, a year. His earnings come from a variety of sources. However, a majority of his earnings ...
According to Forbes magazine's 2014 rankings of the world's billionaires, Bill Gates has a net worth of approximately $76 billion. This is up $9 billion from the ...
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