How Much Does Brass Cost Per Pound?


The cost of brass is estimated by the weight, the size and the quality of the brass. The prices vary there is no exact estimation of price though they are sold in pounds.
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The average cost per pound for steel is $1.50. I do
This varies daily, and depends on the quality of the item. Around $1.70 per lb for clean yellow brass in US.
1. Note the cost of the item you are buying. It may be printed on the container or on a sign close to the item. 2. Weigh the item. Depending on what you are purchasing, the weight
Scrap Metals, Price Per Pound: Brass, $3.00, Steel and Iron, $0.35, Aluminum, $1.50, over 20# $1.20.
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Brass metal purchased in small quantities costs about 75 cents an ounce. A thin bar of extruded brass weighing 1151 pounds, or close to two ounces, sells for & ...
The price of brass depends on grade of brass and is between $2 and $3 per pound. Brass is an alloy of zinc and copper; the proportions of zinc and copper can be ...
As of December 2012 the current price of pure brass is $1.65 per pound. The current price for contaminated brass is eighty-five cents per pound. The prices for ...
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