How much does Captain Morgan cost?


As of 2014, prices for a bottle of Captain Morgan rum vary from $11 all the way up to $40 for a 1.75L bottle of Captain Morgan Private Stock rum. The original version of Captain Morgan, the spiced rum, is approximately $15 a bottle depending on the location and store where it is purchased.

While Captain Morgan is best known for its original spiced rum recipe, the company offers many different kinds of rums as well as various rum mixers. There is white rum, black spiced rum, lime flavored rum, coconut flavored rum and silver spiced rum, all averaging between $15 and $20 for a 750ml bottle.

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A 750 milliter bottle of Captain Morgan costs $14.99. 1.75 ml is $33.99 Thanks
A handle of Captain Morgan costs about $20.
1. Cut four wedges out of one lime. Set aside. Pour crushed ice into a highball glass. Squeeze lime wedges onto the ice in the glass. 2. Pour spiced rum onto the lime and crushed
I myself tend to mix rum with ice, ginger ale, fresh lime juce and fresh mint. This is known as a dark and stormy whist it is usualy made with dark rum captain morgans works realy
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A bottle of Captain Morgan is sold at different prices. The average cost for the 750ml bottle of the Captain Morgan rum sells between $19 and $45. ...
A fifth of Captain Morgan Rum is 750 ml of this alcohol. This ends up calculating to just over 25 ounces of liquid. ...
Pricing may vary depending on your location. A handle of Captain Morgan's should generally cost around the same price anywhere, however. If you live in mid-western ...
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