How Much Does Caviar Cost?


It depends on the caviar. There are several different types that cost either per ounce or by the jar. It can cost anywhere from a few dollars to thousands of dollars. There are several types that come from rare fish and those cost a lot more.
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Fresh caviar costs between $70 to $100 per pound. This will vary depending is the person lives in a large metropolitan area and can find it fresh.
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Some caviar costs thousands of dollars per ounce.
There are many types of caviar. One in particular, Beluga caviar, ranges in price from
Good quality sturgeon caviar costs $20.75 per ounce, and goes up from there. Sturgeon caviar has a sweet, buttery, nut-like flavor. Delicious!
At this time, if you live in a metropolitan area and can find a place to buy fresh caviar expect to pay: Osetra - $70 to $100 per ounce (28 g) Siberian Sturgeon - $50 to $90 per ounce
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